Lighting advice....

Here at Design Lighting we will help you find appropriate lighting solutions.

Each customer will have their own unique requirements, and in our experience there is no one size fits all solution.

Recent developments in technology are providing us with an exciting range of tools to use. Our experience will enable you to sift through these developments to deturmine the appropriate solution for your home, office, business, restaurant, holiday shack, garden or wherever else good lighting matters… which is everywhere!

Clever design and layout lighting plans appropriate to the client will deliver reliability, power savings and an ambience you can not only live with now, but thrive on into the future.

energy efficiency

Lighting hints

It seems obvious to mention some of these points but….hey!

  • Light goes in straight lines!
  • Light will go around corners if there is something for it to reflect off.
  • A well-lit dark surface remains a dark surface.
  • A little light in an otherwise dark space goes a long way.
  • Light will disperse according to the inverse square mathematical rule. For every doubling of the distance from the light source, the intensity of the light at those points will have reduced by a factor of 4.
  • Recessed light fittings should to be seen as task lighting. They can only ever  light forward. Therefore they should be positioned to maximise the illumination of lighter coloured surfaces, or directly over work spaces to reduce shadowing.
  • Quality matters!
a few more hints